Wednesday, December 21

DOAG@Talk with Duncan Mills

Christian Schwitalla (DOAG Head of Development SIG / tools) has spoken with Duncan Mills on the future of development tools from Oracle. The interview is here.

Tuesday, December 20

Some presentation over the year’s

image Last week i upload some of my presentation from different events to slideshare. The main topic over all presentations is projects with Oracle ADF. From start the first project up to  reimplementation Oracle Forms Application with Oracle ADF. The presentations are in german, but i think the concept and UML Diagramms are easily translate to other languages or use maybe Google Translate :).

Challenges in converting from Oracle Forms to Oracle ADF

My Presentation from German DOAG SIG Development meeting in April 2011. Topic: Migration , Methodology, Analyse, Oracle ADF, Best Practice

Application lifecycle in ADF Projects

My presentation from German ICIS User Group meeting in Mai 2011. Topic: ALM, Oracle ADF, Best Practice

Encapsulation, the requirement for software modernization?

My presentation from German InnoZent meeting in Mai 2011. Topic: Architecture, software mordernization, Best Practice

DOAG 2010: ADF Faces RC Best Practice

My presentation from German DOAG 2010 conference in Nov 2010. Topic: Architecture, Oracle ADF, Best Practice

DOAG 2010: SOR - Service Oriented Reporting

Presentation from German DOAG 2010 conference. Topic: Architecture , Oracle ADF, Integration Oracle BI Publisher, Best Practice

Input and Views about Oracle ADF

My presentation from German DOAG RT Bremen meeting in October 2010. Topic: Oracle ADF, Oracle ADF Desktop Integration.

Oracle ADF Active Data Service from German ADF News Session

My presentation from the ADF News Session Season 2010.

German ADF News Session: Mein erstes ADF Projekt

My Presentation from German ADF Community News Session web conference in Feb 2010. Topic: Oracle ADF, How to start, Best Practice

SE 2010: how we do it

My presentation from German SE 2010 conference in Feburar 2010. Topic: Business Application Development

DOAG SIG Development: BI Publisher and Oracle ADF

Presentation from German DOAG SIG Development meeting in July 2009. Topic: Oracle ADF, Integration Oracle BI Publisher, Best Practice

DOAG 2006: More than Dept and Emp mit JDeveloper and ADF

My presentation from DOAG 2006. Topic Oracle ADF, Best Practice

Well there is no presentation from DOAG 2011. Why ? This year I have presented an Oracle ADF live demo. One part of this live demo you can see here:

Thursday, December 15

HowTo: Set Default Run Target to TaskFlow Activity


A Fusion Web Application (ADF) should be within an application [workspace] independently selected from the context start using the keyboard.


- JDeveloper 11gR2

- Fusion Web Application (ADF)



Choose: Run / Choose Active Run Configuration / Manage Run Configuration..


Select: Run Configuration / Default

Choose: Edit..


Deselect: Attempt to Run Active File Before Default

Select Default Run Target: ..\WEB-INF\adfc-config.xml [your task-flow file]


Choose: Launch Settings / ADF Task Flow

Select View Activity: home [your start page]

Choose: Ok

Choose: F11