Friday, August 17

JDeveloper: Run extension throws NPE at on Mac OS X

Yesterday i run into some NPE  problems by running my new JDeveloper extension on my mac.

Today i found a solution / workaround inspired by the forum post from kevin_angus. You have to add the following Parameter -Dapple.laf.useScreenMenuBar=true  to the JVM for start the second JDeveloper IDE. Normally this happens in the jdev-Darwin.conf file. So i add this parameter in the Project Properties / Run Configuration / Launch Settings / Java Options  section.

So it works...but maybe it should be fix in 12c :). Are your interesting in development your own JDeveloper Extension, than take a look at my ADF News Session.

Wednesday, August 15

ADF News Session: CI and OTPC

By the way i miss to post my last ADF News Session from July 2012 about Continuous Integration and Oracle Team Productivity Center. Content is in German.

Almost two years of ADF News Session in Germany

Did you know that have emerged in this period more than 60 German-language presentations and demos? So there all available for free if you interested. All you need is a free login to the Oracle ADF Community workspace. More information could be found here.