Friday, November 23

DOAG2012: ADF Software Factory

Thanks to DOAG for a great conference, again. This year i speak about ADF Software Factory.

So take a look..

Tuesday, October 23

ADF Mobile Samples are still there...

Yesterday Oracle has released ADF Mobile. So if you are familar with ADF you can jump right into and build some nice test drives.

But what is with all the special mobile features ?

Using sqlite, get a Picture, send a SMS....

To quickstart this greate feature take a look at the following directory:


You will find the - File. If you have installed the extension.  


This application serves as an introduction to the ADF Mobile AMX components by demonstrating all of the components. Using this application, you can change the attributes of these components and see the effects of those changes in real time without recompiling and redeploying the application after each change. See generally Chapter 8, "Creating ADF Mobile AMX User Interface."


This application demonstrates how to hook up your UI to Java beans. It also demonstrates how to invoke EL bindings from Java using the supplied utility classes. See also Section 8.10, "Using Event Listeners" and Section 9.2, "Understanding EL Support."

This application shows you how to use the DeviceFeatures data control to expose such device features as geolocation, e-mail, SMS, and contacts, as well as how to query the device for its properties. See also Section 9.5, "Using the DeviceFeatures Data Control."
You must also run this application on an actual device, because SMS and some of the device properties do not function on an iOS simulator or Android emulator.

This application demonstrates how gestures can be implemented and used in ADF Mobile applications. See also Section 8.4, "Enabling Gestures."


This human resources application is a CRUD application that demonstrates a variety of real-world application techniques. It uses a local SQLite database to store its data. The application persists the data between each startup and is based on the default HR schema that ships with all Oracle databases. See generally Chapter 11, "Using the Local Database."
By providing layouts for both iPad and iPhone, this application demonstrates how different types of user interfaces can share the same data model. There are a variety of other patterns demonstrated in the application as well.

Tuesday, September 11

[fix] Enable User Customizations across Sessions using MDS can break your popup


Enable User Customizations across Sessions using MDS can break your popup



JDeveloper 11gR2 ( -

ADF Features

Using af:popup

Enable User Customizations across Sessions using MDS


1.) Start tablePopup.jsf
2.) Login into the app with weblogic - Account
3.) Scroll down the table (more than 25 rows)
4.) Try to open the Popup with the ToolbarButton

Expected behavior 

Enable User Customizations across Sessions using MDS should not have negative impact on the application.


Using af:popup with autoCancel = "disabled" produced this issues. Set this property to "" or "enabled" is a fix for this issues. (BUG 11057528)

Thursday, September 6

Using Oracle EM 11g FMC and ADR with JDev


Using Oracle EM 11g FMC and ADR with JDeveloper - Software


OL 6.2
JDeveloper - Software


OTN: ADR libraries (Application Development Runtime)


MOS: 5912518 - OPatch v11.
MOS: 13656274
MOS: 6880880 - OPatch  v11. 
MOS: 13656372


MOS: How To Install the ADF Runtime Libraries 11g Release 2 in WebLogic Sever 10.3.5 / 10.3.6 ? [ID 1328698.1]

Install ADR

[oracle@endvm software]$ unzip 
[oracle@endvm software]$ cd Disk1/
[oracle@endvm ~]$ export JDK_HOME=/usr/jdk1.6.0_33

[oracle@endvm Disk1]$ ./runInstaller 
Set Oracle Middleware Home =  /u01/app/oracle/product/11.1.2/middleware inside OUI.

Install OPatch Version

a) For Standalone JDeveloper/Standalone WLS install type:
   Download the latest version of OPatch( BUG 5912518 from My
   Oracle Support (formerly Metalink).
   Please follow the instructions to install this patch.
b) For OUI (WebCenter/SOA/Classic/etc) install type:
   Download the latest version of OPatch ( or higher)via BUG 6880880
   from My Oracle Support (formerly Metalink).

[oracle@endvm software]$ export JDEV_HOME=/u01/app/oracle/product/11.1.2/middleware/jdeveloper/
[oracle@endvm ~]$ export JDK_HOME=/usr/jdk1.6.0_33
[oracle@endvm software]$ unzip
[oracle@endvm software]$ mv 5912518/OPatch/ $JDEV_HOME/
[oracle@endvm ~]$ export ORACLE_HOME=$JDEV_HOME
[oracle@endvm ~]$ cd $ORACLE_HOME/OPatch

[oracle@endvm OPatch]$ ./opatch lsinventory -jdk $JDK_HOME

Install Patch 13656274

[oracle@endvm jdeveloper]$ cd /home/oracle/software
[oracle@endvm software]$ unzip
[oracle@endvm software]$ cd 13656274
[oracle@endvm 13656274]$ export PATH=$ORACLE_HOME/OPatch:$PATH
[oracle@endvm 13656274]$ export ORACLE_HOME=/u01/app/oracle/product/11.1.2/middleware/oracle_common

Install OPatch Version (6880880)

Patch 13656372 requires OPatch version
The OPatch version being used ( doesn't meet the minimum version required by the patch(es). Please download latest OPatch from My Oracle Support.
[oracle@endvm software]$ rm -rf /u01/app/oracle/product/11.1.2/middleware/jdeveloper/OPatch/
[oracle@endvm software]$ unzip
[oracle@endvm software]$ mv 6880880/OPatch/ $JDEV_HOME/

Install Patch 13656372

[oracle@endvm software]$ unzip[oracle@endvm 13656372]$ cd ..[oracle@endvm software]$ cd 13656372/[oracle@endvm 13656372]$ opatch apply -jdk $JDK_HOME


[oracle@endvm bin]$ cd /u01/app/oracle/product/11.1.2/middleware/oracle_common/common/bin
[oracle@endvm bin]$ ./

wls:/offline> upgradeADF('/u01/app/oracle/product/11.1.2/middleware/user_projects/domains/test.adf.domain')Target Library "jsf#2.0@" to JRF "AdminServer"wls:/offline>exit()

Exiting WebLogic Scripting Tool.

Exception: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: javax.faces.application.ProjectStage

<06 .09.2012=".09.2012" 18:32="18:32" mesz="mesz" uhr="uhr">
<06 .09.2012=".09.2012" 18:32="18:32" mesz="mesz" uhr="uhr">
<06 .09.2012=".09.2012" 18:32="18:32" mesz="mesz" uhr="uhr">
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: javax.faces.application.ProjectStage


You have not upgrade the Domain !


Wednesday, September 5

root can do everything except: ojdeploy


NPE at org.apidesign.netbinox.JarBundleFile$2.getLocalURL running OJDeploy as root


OL 6.2

OJDeploy (
Hudson 2.x inside Tomcat 7.0.29


Call OJDeploy from Ant Script with Hudson Job


Why i run into this pitfall ? 

I deploy Hudson into Tomcat and configure quick and dirty Tomcat as a service executed by root.
Running Tomcat as installation user oracle works perfect!

May be interesting for someone who trap in the same NPE pitfall.

Monday, September 3

[Solved] Enable User Customizations across Sessions using MDS can break your Application


Enable User Customizations across Sessions using MDS can break your ADF Application



JDeveloper 11gR2 ( -

ADF Features

Using af:foreach and af.accordion for dynamic UI

Enable User Customizations across Sessions using MDS

Deactivate all persistent options for showDetailItem


1.) Start homeForEach.jsf
2.) Login into the app with weblogic - Account
3.) Try to open a af:showDetailItem - Component inside af.accordion     

Expected behavior 

Enable User Customizations across Sessions using MDS should not have negative impact on the application.


A solution to this issues can be found on the ADF EMG Tracker.

Friday, August 17

JDeveloper: Run extension throws NPE at on Mac OS X

Yesterday i run into some NPE  problems by running my new JDeveloper extension on my mac.

Today i found a solution / workaround inspired by the forum post from kevin_angus. You have to add the following Parameter -Dapple.laf.useScreenMenuBar=true  to the JVM for start the second JDeveloper IDE. Normally this happens in the jdev-Darwin.conf file. So i add this parameter in the Project Properties / Run Configuration / Launch Settings / Java Options  section.

So it works...but maybe it should be fix in 12c :). Are your interesting in development your own JDeveloper Extension, than take a look at my ADF News Session.

Wednesday, August 15

ADF News Session: CI and OTPC

By the way i miss to post my last ADF News Session from July 2012 about Continuous Integration and Oracle Team Productivity Center. Content is in German.

Almost two years of ADF News Session in Germany

Did you know that have emerged in this period more than 60 German-language presentations and demos? So there all available for free if you interested. All you need is a free login to the Oracle ADF Community workspace. More information could be found here.

Sunday, July 1

The Times They Are A-Changin'

it's been a bit quiet in the blog. The reason for this is that I left my old company. As of today I am working as CEO and consultant for the enpit consulting OHG.

What does this mean?

I hope more adf community and maybe interesting things around Oracle Fusion Middleware.

Tuesday, January 17

ADFTalk Session 2 is out

Session 2 shows how to regenerate a existing ApplicationModule build up with our JDeveloper Wizard. 

Friday, January 13

Move Oracle Team Productivity Center ( Server Component to new Weblogic Instance failed

Move Oracle Team Productivity Center ( to new WebLogic Server Domain with existing OTPC Repository.

JDeveloper 11gR2 (
Oracle XE with OTPC Repository (
Weblogic Server 10.3.5 (Integrated inside JDeveloper)

Oracle Team Productivity Center (

1.) Install JDeveloper
2.) Start and setup integrated Weblogic Server
3.) Run OTPC Installer to use existing Repository and deploy OTPC Server Component to new Weblogic Server Domain.

Installation – Step 3
c:\temp\java –jar tpcinstaller.jar
Choose: Next

Select: Team Productivity Center Server
Choose: Next

Input Username: tpc
Input Password: *****
Choose: Test Connection


Recognize the equal versions !
This information is current. our OTPC Repository is Version We want only install the new Server Component.
Choose: Next

I get this error and the only option i can choose is Canel.
Choose Next show Step 3 again.

Monday, January 2

ADFrc: Why my table is not stretched ?

Within my ADF Project Session 3 last month in the exercise of the ADF layout strategies was one of the most common questions:

Why is the table (using the available columns) are not stretched to 100% of the width and height?


Simon: "I use PanelStretchLayout but the table is not stretched !"
Mentor: "Check your site structure for flow layout!"

One of the most common causes for this appearance is the fact that the layout concept has changed from stretch to flow without the developer has to get it.

Once a UI Component is further thrown into a facet Oracle JDeveloper adds a PanelGroupLayout automatically.  This change the stretch concept to flow. Maybe the developer will add a headline.

Image(20) Image(21)


Stretch will change into Flow if more than one component is part of the subtree!
Verify your layout in the Structure Panel, even if you do not dare JDeveloper!

Rudolf: "I use StretchPanelLayout but nevertheless, the columns of my table is not spread over the entire width!"
Mentor: "Do not think in HTML and CSS (width: 100%) - think in components."


If an area is stretched, the UI Component is scaled, but not automatically all other UI Components in the subtree. I.e. In this case, the CollectionPanel is scaled to a width of 100%. As each column of the table should be widened, is not defined.


Use ColumnStretching property to define a strategy to fill the empty space !

af:table Oracle Fusion Middleware Tag Reference for Oracle ADF Faces (11.1.2)
Geometry Management
This component can be stretched by a parent layout component that stretches its children, e.g. panelStretchLayout. When stretching this component, the only valid setting for autoHeightRows is "-1".
When NOT stretched, autoHeightRows="0" can be used to size the height to the fetch size, which is similar to dimensionsFrom="children". Please refer to 'autoHeightRows' attribute for more information. Use the columnStretching attribute to configure stretching of the children column components

JDeveloper Workspace
Oracle Fusion Middleware Tag Reference for Oracle ADF Faces (11.1.2)