Wednesday, April 30

European Commission say "Yes"

There is nothing in the way anymore for Oracle to acquisition BEA. The European Commission okays the takeover.

Following comment from Oracle can you find on the press release of this event:

"...Together, Oracle and BEA will provide a series of complementary and well-engineered middleware products, allowing customers to more easily build, deploy, and manage applications in a secure environment..." (Oracle President Charles Phillips) [more]

Maybe we can see a BEA session on OOW 2008. You interessted ? Oracle kicks of the registration today.

Friday, April 25

Integrate a timeline in your web application

You need to visualized in your web application similary the one i talk about in my last post. Try to integrate SMILE | Timeline. It is a AJAX Widget that only need a XML of events.

Samples and download are available here.

Is this not enough for you, try the new Oracle ADF Faces RC 11g - Gant Component and examine this viewlet.


Today I found a new web 2.0 site called dipity. With this site you can create timelines und share it with other people on the net. Like the Microsoft Outlook timeline function.

The first time I hit the home page I saw a timeline from one of my favorite music bands years ago.

So I think to my self: "What should I do the last minutes of this day..?"

  1. Choose Marillion / Script for a Jester's Tears / Forgotten Sons on my playlist
  2. Open the Open World 2007 presentation from Duncan Mills & Clemens Utschig
  3. Create my first timeline

Tuesday, April 22

Anymore Web 2.0 and WebCenter this month

Oracle is presenting Oracle Web Center on the Expo 2008 in San Francisco, April 22-25. For all people they have no change to get to San Francisco with or without flowers in there hear, can find a lot of informationen on the Oracle Wiki.

Oracle WebCenter


Web 2.0 Resource Library

Sunday, April 20

Another nice sample of ADF / WebCenter 11g

Today i found a nice YouTube Video with the title "Pax Knowledge Base". In this video you can see how to build a knowlegde base with JDeveloper 11g TP3 and Apache Beehive.

Friday, April 18

WebCenter Spaces Viewlet

By browsing some time inside Oracle MIX I found this new viewlet about Oracle WebCenter Spaces.
Nice Show :)

This is the end of the world...

Not yet, but maybe the end of the Internet. Yesterday i try a old function from my Google Reader. With this function the Google Reader detect the next unread post on your feeds and provide the url over a auto bookmark to the orignal post.

You can configure this function with your Firefox browser inside the settings of your Google Reader.

When you read all your feeds over this bookmark and there is nothing left you will reached the End of the Internet. You have not enough time to read all your feeds ? Try this link.

Wednesday, April 16

JDeveloper TP4

Hi, everybody there is no sign that JDeveloper 11g - Production is available in the next weeks. Steve Muench published a notice in his last blog entry about JDeveloper 11g Technical Preview 4.

I often consulted in my workshops:

- When is JDev 11g – Production available ?

- Should I start with TP ?

- Can I migrate my JDev 10.1.3.x project to 11.x ?

- Should I delay my project ?

My answer:

It depends.

Today nobody knows the exact rollout day of JDev 11g. I hope that it will be rolled out on the next Oracle World 2008 conference.

When you have a small internal project on your working list, try and learn the new features that are inside JDev 11g.

If you have to start a serious project within the next week, which has to be completed on a fixed deadline in the next 3 months, do not use the JDev 11g TP 3!