Thursday, November 29

DOAG2007: Second Day and back in my office

DOAG 2007 in Nuernberg closed the doors. Now I want to tell you what I remember from the second day of the DOAG conference. First of all my presentation "Mobile Applikationen in der Logistik". It is about web based application implemented with JSF und ADF Mobile. You can download my presentation here. (Sorry, only in german available).

Thanks to my listeners for the interesting discussion after the introduction.

Another interesting topic, presented by Frank Nimphius from the Oracle Corporation was about: "Productive Java Enterprise Edition 5.0 Development"

From my point of view the main message of this presentation is:

- Oracle JDeveloper is the development tool for the Fusion Developer and based on this fact all functionality is to provide productivity to implement Fusion Application.

- Eclipse is the de facto Java IDE for the most java developers in the world. Oracle will support and participate on this community to provide a solution to these developers.

Conclusion: "Choose an Enviroment to develop, but technology from Oracle could be the best solution for you !"

After the presentation I had a little small talk with Frank Nimphius about the x-mas present JDeveloper TP3 and a little wish list about features I am really interested in. The most wanted is a little wizzard to build a quick interface inside an ADF BC Application Module based on Store Procedure from the database.

Best practices: Entwicklung komplexer APEX-Applikationen
Niels de Bruijn, MT AG

The presentation showed three different solutions from small to big projects implemented with Oracle APEX. It was nice to see the spectrum of APEX and the lightweight solution APEX provides to give a solution to the requirements of the projects.

My comment: It was KISS - Keep it simple and stupid

Back in my office...

It was a great conference again. Meet the people, get information about new features and trends. To sum it up: a must for all people who work with Oracle technology in the german talk area. You can download the presentation here.

And in case you finshed the questionnaire in 13 min and while eating three nuernburger fried sausage you can now enjoy your coffee or tea in the nice doag anniversary cup like me.

Wednesday, November 21

DOAG2007: Day 1. Impressions

A very interesting keynote, presented by J├╝rgen Kunz, the CEO was about Oracle Fusion and its strategy. The key information of this presentation that I can remember after 8 hours of conference is the following

Application Unlimited 2006 -> Application Integration Architecture 2007 -> Fusion Application 200?

My impression is that Oracle Fusion Application is not right there. They need a step between. This step is called AIA (Application Integrattion Architecture). Last year they titled it SOA or SCA. Maybe they mean the same thing with different names???

Another interesting information I remember from the keynote and from another session about ofm is:

COM - Build a Common Object Model ! Is this not a Mircosoft term ?

Oracle Fusion Architecture by Example
Regis Louis, Oracle Corporation

Mr. Loius showed a case study with the most important technology from the fusion middleware stack.

To shortly caracterize the prototyp:

- Implementation of the Expenses Report from eBusiness Suite.
- Build in 6 Weeks, 6 Developer
- Web Service based on eBusiness Suite Schema
- Event Driven Notification Portlet
- Customizing UI - only Styles - no Column reorder, no MDS
- Nice ui components from BI Enterprise Suite
- Rules / Policies implemented with Oracle Business Rules
- BAM based on BPEL Process Events
- A little bit Web Center
- Prototyp build on BPEL, ADF BC, ADF Model, ADF Faces

Important statments:

The used technology is the basis for Oracle Fusion Application. We evaluate.
50-60% the developer talk about service interface and model.

Development Live Demo:

- Simple JSF Applikation basis for ADF BC
- Trigger a BPLE Process als Web Service
- Integrating a Portlet inside the WebCenter using Rich Text Portlet

Preview: ADF Rich Client Faces are the base on Fusion Middleware

Oracle Web Center Suite: Integrating Composite Applications and Web 2.0 into the Enterprise
Christian Hauser
Oracle Coporation

This was the first live demo i have seen from Oracle Web Center with a lot of my desired features ( that I requested for a long time). The demo showed Web Center Spaces an Oracle Web Center Application.

My keynotes are:

- Web Center are is not interesting on backbone services like email, cms .. its all about UI
- Web Center Applications, Page Templates and other things are registered as resources inside the Enterprise Manager
- Will there be a new type of infrastructure services bundled with EM coming up with the next AS 11g release ?
- Web Center integration in Microsoft Office 2007 possible

The Web Center demo on OOW2007 in San Francisco needs 5 servers running backbone services like wiki, email, instance messager, universal content server. So I hope it will be possible to start SMALL with Web Center.

I think use or not use Web Center is central strategy decision of CIO similar to SOA. Only the main focus is different. It is the UI. The only thing we can do now is to wait for the next version of OracleAS 11g in 2008.

But I already read in some blogs about oow 2007 there will maybe a holiday present in form of a new JDeveloper TP3 with BPEL, Web Center and other new Fusion Middleware technologies.

Next Oracle Event: DOAG 2007, Nuernberg

The DOAG 2007 conference open this morning the doors. You can see me speaking about mobile application for logstic solutions based on ADF Mobile and oher technologies on thursday 11:00 am, room Seoul.

When you will learn something about building a ADF Application with JDeveloper you can visit my training on friday in Nuernberg. Maybe we see us :)

OOW 2007 - Don't overlook (3)

Presentation from OOW 2007 avaible for dowload here.
Login/password: cboracle/oraclec6
My favorites:
ADF Bindings Internals - Understand What You’re Building!, Duncan Mills
Best Practices for Developing with Oracle Fusion, Dr. Paul Dorsey
Oracle Fusion Middleware: Past,Present and Future, Duncan Mills & Clemens Utschig
Introduction to Management and Diagnosability of Oracle Fusion Middleware, John Lang

Wednesday, November 14

How tell oracle about my ideas...

Oracle Mix is launched ! Oracle Mix is maybe a web 2.0, social community, Xing, faq, clipboard of ideas, wish list around oracle products. Get a login and you can ask questions about oracle products or vote for a new product enhancement or feature. And with a little luck it will be integrated in the next version :).

OOW2007 - Don't overlook (2)

Steve Muench published his OOW2007 presentation: "Oracle ADF: New Declarative Features for Fusion Applications Development" on his famous ADF Blog. So you don't have to wait until the end of OOW2007.

OOW2007 - Don't overlook (1)

You are interested in Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g ? Then you should look at the keynote of Thomas Kurian from OOW 2007.

Have you ever need some nice icons.. Part II

User Interface Icons has released a new set of free Icons Collection. You can download here.

Monday, November 5

Demo: Oracle ADF and Oracle WebCenter

A few weeks ago I have presentation with the title: "From Oracle Portal to WebCenter" in Hamburg held. For all participants I provided a Viewlet that this Oracle Technology shows briefly. Even if it is perhaps interesting for you, then you look at it now here.

PS.: Sorry, speak is only in german available.