Sunday, November 2

Oracle WebCenter Presentations from OOW 2008

Do you need new information about Oracle WebCenter and you miss the OOW 2008, than you can now download some of the content from Oracle here.

Tuesday, October 28

New Oracle Designer ? Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeling EA Release

Today i found new a Tool on the Oracle SQL Developer Homepage. Oracle call it Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeling. It is a new IDE to design database models, including Entity Relationship modeling, Relational (Database Design), Data Type and Multidimensional modeling, full forward and reverse engineering and code generation.

This version of SQL Developer is a Early Adapter Release. That means that you have provide you Email adress and answers some questions. he production relase is planed for calender year 2009.

More information you can find here.

Tuesday, October 7

SIG SOA Community Meeting in Munich - Part 1

Yesterday i was in munich to be part of the german doag soa community. It was a impressing event. Here my top things to remember:

Clemens Utschig-Utschig from Oracle SOA Product Management Team present the new feature of SOA 11g.

- In the future so my understanding it will be only one ESB, the Oracle Service Bus (Hot-Plugable, Feature Rich) , availavailably with 11g R2. But in the mean time you can choose to use AquaLogic Service Bus or Oracle ESB. What ever fit best for your requirements.

- They will be two products in the future for BPM. BPA Suite and BPM Studio.

- BPA Suite for the Enterprise and BPM Studio for agile definition of human task flows.

- BPM Studio will be migrated at the moment from Eclipse to JDeveloper 11g. So maybe this tool is in the toolbox for the Fusion Application Developer. We see a live demo of BPM Studio inside JDeveloper and a web based version of an editor as a Screenshot. So in the future it seen to be possible to modify prozesses on the fly only with a Firefox.

I really enjoy this presentation and the discussion around Oracle Release Annoncement and strategy. Thx to Clemens Utschig-Utschig. Stay on the road you go :).

There are only a few things to say about the next presentation from Nicolai Josuttis: SOA-Praxiserfahrung

- Try to listen to him on a conference
You will find for sure certain topics that are open your eye about SOA.

And a another blog say: JDev 11g (11.1.10) is production

Today is the day. We all waiting for since the first Techincal Previews. JDeveloper 11g (11.1.10) is production right now. Download here. Until you download you should check out the new demos and documentation site on following link.

Additional links:

New Features (very long list)

Release Notes

Thursday, September 25

Maybe interesting points from the Thomas Kurian Keynote

This morning i found this little extraction from the speak of Thomas Kurian. It gives a top overview of the highlights of his speak at the OOW 2008.

Thomas Kurian Keynote from Oracle WebVideo on Vimeo.

A good summary of the speak can be found here.

Wednesday, September 24

Give Beehive a try..

I was a little bit confused as i heared about the new Oracle Beehive Release. Was Beehive not a Bea Java Framework committed to Apache ? Yes and No

Oracle Beehive is a built-from-scratch collaboration application, to give customers a new way to communicate and work together on projects. Oracle Beehive can tie together e-mail clients, instant messaging and chat programs, calendars, voice mail, and conferencing applications behind the scenes so users can more easily share and simultaneously work on documents, e-mails, and multimedia files. Maybe a collaboration suite based on Web Services and BPEL.

You can found more informationen here and when you can give it a try online here.

I hope Oracle know what they doing and we all get not lost in a hell of web services from Beehive, WebCenter (Spaces), Collaboration Suite, Oracle Files...

General Availability of Oracle® WebCenter Suite

Oracle announced the general availability of WebCenter Suite. And what is in the box, today ? Oracle WebCenter Spaces - No ! We have to wait.. But they put Oracle WebLogic Portal 10gR3 into the Suite. Maybe it is only a Oracle WebLogic Portal 10gR3 release announcement wrapped inside a Suite with a unified Portal Framework.

Oracle WebCenter Suite consists of following components:

- Oracle WebCenter Framework
- Oracle WebCenter Services
- Oracle WebCenter Interaction (formerly BEA AquaLogic User Interaction)
- Oracle WebLogic Portal
- Oracle WebCenter Anywhere

More information you can find here.

Tuesday, September 23

In the clearing stands a boxer.. (JDeveloper 11g go production)

JDeveloper 11g and ADF 11g with ADF RichFaces are avaible on October the 1st. This announcent Oracle yesterday on OOW 20008. They called it the "boxer" released. Attention this release will be certified with WebLogic 10.3. Currently not for OC4J. There is no more embedded OC4J (anymore?). You can found more information here.

Thursday, July 3

Goodbye OC4J

Yesterday was the big BEA Welcome and Oracle's Middleware Strategy Briefing. You miss it ? You can the see the briefing as a webcast here.

A overview of the product strategy can you find here.

When you look at the chapter Product Area / Application Server you will found no more OC4J anymore. Do you remember that Oracle buy the sourcecode of OC4J from Orion in the year 2002 (I' think) ?

So everything must run in Oracle WebLogic Server. Forms, Reports,Portal or will there be a replacement ?

But when you look at the chapter Product Area / Developer Tools you will found the JDeveloper as number one in the list for Fusion Middelware.

So maybe my next JDeveloper 11g Production runs wih Oracle JRocket and Oracle WebLogic Server. Maybe at the end of this year ? I hope so.

Wednesday, April 30

European Commission say "Yes"

There is nothing in the way anymore for Oracle to acquisition BEA. The European Commission okays the takeover.

Following comment from Oracle can you find on the press release of this event:

"...Together, Oracle and BEA will provide a series of complementary and well-engineered middleware products, allowing customers to more easily build, deploy, and manage applications in a secure environment..." (Oracle President Charles Phillips) [more]

Maybe we can see a BEA session on OOW 2008. You interessted ? Oracle kicks of the registration today.

Friday, April 25

Integrate a timeline in your web application

You need to visualized in your web application similary the one i talk about in my last post. Try to integrate SMILE | Timeline. It is a AJAX Widget that only need a XML of events.

Samples and download are available here.

Is this not enough for you, try the new Oracle ADF Faces RC 11g - Gant Component and examine this viewlet.


Today I found a new web 2.0 site called dipity. With this site you can create timelines und share it with other people on the net. Like the Microsoft Outlook timeline function.

The first time I hit the home page I saw a timeline from one of my favorite music bands years ago.

So I think to my self: "What should I do the last minutes of this day..?"

  1. Choose Marillion / Script for a Jester's Tears / Forgotten Sons on my playlist
  2. Open the Open World 2007 presentation from Duncan Mills & Clemens Utschig
  3. Create my first timeline

Tuesday, April 22

Anymore Web 2.0 and WebCenter this month

Oracle is presenting Oracle Web Center on the Expo 2008 in San Francisco, April 22-25. For all people they have no change to get to San Francisco with or without flowers in there hear, can find a lot of informationen on the Oracle Wiki.

Oracle WebCenter


Web 2.0 Resource Library

Sunday, April 20

Another nice sample of ADF / WebCenter 11g

Today i found a nice YouTube Video with the title "Pax Knowledge Base". In this video you can see how to build a knowlegde base with JDeveloper 11g TP3 and Apache Beehive.

Friday, April 18

WebCenter Spaces Viewlet

By browsing some time inside Oracle MIX I found this new viewlet about Oracle WebCenter Spaces.
Nice Show :)

This is the end of the world...

Not yet, but maybe the end of the Internet. Yesterday i try a old function from my Google Reader. With this function the Google Reader detect the next unread post on your feeds and provide the url over a auto bookmark to the orignal post.

You can configure this function with your Firefox browser inside the settings of your Google Reader.

When you read all your feeds over this bookmark and there is nothing left you will reached the End of the Internet. You have not enough time to read all your feeds ? Try this link.

Wednesday, April 16

JDeveloper TP4

Hi, everybody there is no sign that JDeveloper 11g - Production is available in the next weeks. Steve Muench published a notice in his last blog entry about JDeveloper 11g Technical Preview 4.

I often consulted in my workshops:

- When is JDev 11g – Production available ?

- Should I start with TP ?

- Can I migrate my JDev 10.1.3.x project to 11.x ?

- Should I delay my project ?

My answer:

It depends.

Today nobody knows the exact rollout day of JDev 11g. I hope that it will be rolled out on the next Oracle World 2008 conference.

When you have a small internal project on your working list, try and learn the new features that are inside JDev 11g.

If you have to start a serious project within the next week, which has to be completed on a fixed deadline in the next 3 months, do not use the JDev 11g TP 3!

Thursday, March 20

IE 7 and ADF Faces

Every morning i read my Headlines from Metalink. Yesterday was published a new Knowledge Base Note about support of IE 7 and ADF Faces The official statement from Oracle is that IE7 are currently not supported with ADF Faces

Support is planed for ADF Faces onwards. More information here.

Sunday, March 2

Application Server 10.1.2 Patchset 3

Patchset 3 is on the way. Read this Blog to kown the source of the news.

This means to us Support for:
  • SUSE SLES 10
  • Oracle Forms on Vista
  • Sun Java 1.6 (sortly after the release)

Tuesday, January 22

how-to-jdev- Use ADF BC Model as EJB Session Bean

One of my customer ask we how to use a ADF BC Model in remote mode with JDeveloper He told me he could found no documentation. So over the years of different version and introduction of ADF Binding this deployment option is maybe not in the main focus. But it is realy easy when you know what steps you must configure.
1.) Configure ADF BC Model for EJB Session Bean Deployment
2.) Change the configuration inside BC4JDataControl Properties in the UI
So listen to my not perfect viewlet here.

Wednesday, January 16

Oracle buys BEA

$19.375 a share is the price for BEA. A double vision of Java EE Server, SOA Suite and Java Development Frameworks. But with the vision of fusion there is a big enhancement of good products, technologies and excellent workers for Oracle.

More informationen:

Oracle to Acquire BEA Systems

Surprise! Oracle buys BEA Systems

Oracle Strikes Deal to Buy BEA Systems for $8.5 Billion

Thursday, January 10

Free Oracle ADF HandsOn Workshop in Germany

Next Month you can listen and hack with me in Bremen. The DOAG local group Bremen is organizing Oracle ADF Workshop (Hackers-Afternoon) on February, 7nd, 2008 in Bremen. In this free workshop I will introduce Oracle ADF Business Components and Oracle ADF Faces. Within the workshop we will build a small web application to get familiar with the basics of this oracle technology.
Further information you can find on Hope to see you in Bremen soon.

Tuesday, January 8

WebCenter 11g TP1(3): New Tutorial available

The x-mas present from Thomas Kurian the JDeveloper 11g TP3 include also a technical preview of WebCenter 11g TP1 (3). This days the Oracle WebCenter Team provide a new tutorial for this preview. You can download the tutorial here .
New feature of this preview are the Oracle Composer, a web based tool to create, share and personalize pages. Changes are made in the area of Oracle WebCenter Services.
Following services are included:
- Document Library,Tagging, Links, Search inside WebCenter, Portlets
not included in this preview but will be part of the production version:
- Forums, Wiki, Announcements, Presence, Tasks, and Worklists
This TP3 of WebCenter shows the first impression and handling of costomizing pages at runtime with the Oracle Composer. A function that always provided by Oracle Portal.
The WebCenter Team also provide on OTN the API documentation:
- Customizable Components API
- Web 2.0 Services API
- Portlet API
More information about Oracle WebCenter can be found here.