Wednesday, September 24

Give Beehive a try..

I was a little bit confused as i heared about the new Oracle Beehive Release. Was Beehive not a Bea Java Framework committed to Apache ? Yes and No

Oracle Beehive is a built-from-scratch collaboration application, to give customers a new way to communicate and work together on projects. Oracle Beehive can tie together e-mail clients, instant messaging and chat programs, calendars, voice mail, and conferencing applications behind the scenes so users can more easily share and simultaneously work on documents, e-mails, and multimedia files. Maybe a collaboration suite based on Web Services and BPEL.

You can found more informationen here and when you can give it a try online here.

I hope Oracle know what they doing and we all get not lost in a hell of web services from Beehive, WebCenter (Spaces), Collaboration Suite, Oracle Files...

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