Tuesday, October 28

New Oracle Designer ? Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeling EA Release

Today i found new a Tool on the Oracle SQL Developer Homepage. Oracle call it Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeling. It is a new IDE to design database models, including Entity Relationship modeling, Relational (Database Design), Data Type and Multidimensional modeling, full forward and reverse engineering and code generation.

This version of SQL Developer is a Early Adapter Release. That means that you have provide you Email adress and answers some questions. he production relase is planed for calender year 2009.

More information you can find here.

Tuesday, October 7

SIG SOA Community Meeting in Munich - Part 1

Yesterday i was in munich to be part of the german doag soa community. It was a impressing event. Here my top things to remember:

Clemens Utschig-Utschig from Oracle SOA Product Management Team present the new feature of SOA 11g.

- In the future so my understanding it will be only one ESB, the Oracle Service Bus (Hot-Plugable, Feature Rich) , availavailably with 11g R2. But in the mean time you can choose to use AquaLogic Service Bus or Oracle ESB. What ever fit best for your requirements.

- They will be two products in the future for BPM. BPA Suite and BPM Studio.

- BPA Suite for the Enterprise and BPM Studio for agile definition of human task flows.

- BPM Studio will be migrated at the moment from Eclipse to JDeveloper 11g. So maybe this tool is in the toolbox for the Fusion Application Developer. We see a live demo of BPM Studio inside JDeveloper and a web based version of an editor as a Screenshot. So in the future it seen to be possible to modify prozesses on the fly only with a Firefox.

I really enjoy this presentation and the discussion around Oracle Release Annoncement and strategy. Thx to Clemens Utschig-Utschig. Stay on the road you go :).

There are only a few things to say about the next presentation from Nicolai Josuttis: SOA-Praxiserfahrung

- Try to listen to him on a conference
You will find for sure certain topics that are open your eye about SOA.

And a another blog say: JDev 11g (11.1.10) is production

Today is the day. We all waiting for since the first Techincal Previews. JDeveloper 11g (11.1.10) is production right now. Download here. Until you download you should check out the new demos and documentation site on following link.

Additional links:

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