Tuesday, October 7

SIG SOA Community Meeting in Munich - Part 1

Yesterday i was in munich to be part of the german doag soa community. It was a impressing event. Here my top things to remember:

Clemens Utschig-Utschig from Oracle SOA Product Management Team present the new feature of SOA 11g.

- In the future so my understanding it will be only one ESB, the Oracle Service Bus (Hot-Plugable, Feature Rich) , availavailably with 11g R2. But in the mean time you can choose to use AquaLogic Service Bus or Oracle ESB. What ever fit best for your requirements.

- They will be two products in the future for BPM. BPA Suite and BPM Studio.

- BPA Suite for the Enterprise and BPM Studio for agile definition of human task flows.

- BPM Studio will be migrated at the moment from Eclipse to JDeveloper 11g. So maybe this tool is in the toolbox for the Fusion Application Developer. We see a live demo of BPM Studio inside JDeveloper and a web based version of an editor as a Screenshot. So in the future it seen to be possible to modify prozesses on the fly only with a Firefox.

I really enjoy this presentation and the discussion around Oracle Release Annoncement and strategy. Thx to Clemens Utschig-Utschig. Stay on the road you go :).

There are only a few things to say about the next presentation from Nicolai Josuttis: SOA-Praxiserfahrung

- Try to listen to him on a conference
You will find for sure certain topics that are open your eye about SOA.

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