Wednesday, April 16

JDeveloper TP4

Hi, everybody there is no sign that JDeveloper 11g - Production is available in the next weeks. Steve Muench published a notice in his last blog entry about JDeveloper 11g Technical Preview 4.

I often consulted in my workshops:

- When is JDev 11g – Production available ?

- Should I start with TP ?

- Can I migrate my JDev 10.1.3.x project to 11.x ?

- Should I delay my project ?

My answer:

It depends.

Today nobody knows the exact rollout day of JDev 11g. I hope that it will be rolled out on the next Oracle World 2008 conference.

When you have a small internal project on your working list, try and learn the new features that are inside JDev 11g.

If you have to start a serious project within the next week, which has to be completed on a fixed deadline in the next 3 months, do not use the JDev 11g TP 3!

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