Monday, January 2

ADFrc: Why my table is not stretched ?

Within my ADF Project Session 3 last month in the exercise of the ADF layout strategies was one of the most common questions:

Why is the table (using the available columns) are not stretched to 100% of the width and height?


Simon: "I use PanelStretchLayout but the table is not stretched !"
Mentor: "Check your site structure for flow layout!"

One of the most common causes for this appearance is the fact that the layout concept has changed from stretch to flow without the developer has to get it.

Once a UI Component is further thrown into a facet Oracle JDeveloper adds a PanelGroupLayout automatically.  This change the stretch concept to flow. Maybe the developer will add a headline.

Image(20) Image(21)


Stretch will change into Flow if more than one component is part of the subtree!
Verify your layout in the Structure Panel, even if you do not dare JDeveloper!

Rudolf: "I use StretchPanelLayout but nevertheless, the columns of my table is not spread over the entire width!"
Mentor: "Do not think in HTML and CSS (width: 100%) - think in components."


If an area is stretched, the UI Component is scaled, but not automatically all other UI Components in the subtree. I.e. In this case, the CollectionPanel is scaled to a width of 100%. As each column of the table should be widened, is not defined.


Use ColumnStretching property to define a strategy to fill the empty space !

af:table Oracle Fusion Middleware Tag Reference for Oracle ADF Faces (11.1.2)
Geometry Management
This component can be stretched by a parent layout component that stretches its children, e.g. panelStretchLayout. When stretching this component, the only valid setting for autoHeightRows is "-1".
When NOT stretched, autoHeightRows="0" can be used to size the height to the fetch size, which is similar to dimensionsFrom="children". Please refer to 'autoHeightRows' attribute for more information. Use the columnStretching attribute to configure stretching of the children column components

JDeveloper Workspace
Oracle Fusion Middleware Tag Reference for Oracle ADF Faces (11.1.2)

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