Thursday, March 27

WCP ( Using Navigation Model with Content Query


Using Content Query with Navigation Model in WebCenter Portal and specify your own content presenter template online.


WebCenter Portal
(Sub-)Portal created with the Portal Template
Some Documents to Display  in a Folder

How to get the FolderID for the CMIS Query ?

Add a CMIS Query to the Navigation Model

CMIS Query with the correct FolderID

IN_TREE - Parameter:

     ucmserver - Content Server Connection


Define our own Content Presenter Template on the Navigation Page

Add a Parameter:

templateView - oracle.webcenter.content.templates.default.detail

The Name of the templateView could be found in the Content Presenter Assets. Select the Asset and show the properties. You get the following informationen:

The view-id is the Parameter you are looking for and by the way no JDeveloper-WebCenter-Portal-Round-Trip-Development is needed !  

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